Welcome to Knight Owl's Online Assessment

Knight Owl's Online Assessment is a very valuable tool to help you to discover more about your aptitudes, strengths, weaknesses and blind spots. The thought provoking questions will stimulate new ideas and serve as a reminder of some basics which you may implement into your business.

It is important that you adopt a relaxed attitude when completing this assessment. You need to adopt a “feet up” or “at home” attitude in which you are functioning in a relaxed and effortless manner.

This is a personal assessment and the results are confidential and will not be viewed by any other party without your permission.

Knight Owl's Online Assessment should take between 40 and 90 minutes to complete.

It is preferable that you complete the questionnaire in one session. However, if this is not possible then you must at least complete an entire questionnaire before logging out in order to save your results. Therefore, inline with following time guidelines, please allow a minimum of 45 minutes the first time you sit down to complete one or all surveys.

  • Executive Profile: 15-45 minutes
  • Team Profile: 10-15 minutes
  • Skills & Aptitude: 10-30 minutes
  • Sales Aptitude: 5-15 minutes

Remember that this is just a guideline, there is no right or wrong amount of time to spend on the survey; it is completely individual.


  • The surveys must be completed in the order stated above, so please set aside a minimum of 45 minutes to ensure at least 1 survey is completed during your first session.
  • At the beginning of each survey you will be given a set of instructions specific to that individual survey only. Please read these carefully to ensure accurate completion.

When you complete all the questions in the survey a ‘last’ button will appear (see red arrow); click that button to progress.

The next screen (shown left) will ask you to submit or check your responses. By clicking submit, you will save your response and send the results directly to Knight Owl for that particular survey.

Your next screen will confirm your results have been recorded and give you the option of going on to complete the next survey or to log out by clicking on ‘Knight Owl website’ link. Click the ‘next survey’ button to progress (see red arrow).

  • The next screen will be the specific instructions for the next survey. Remember to read them carefully before clicking ‘next’ to start completing the survey.
  • NB: If you log out of the questionnaire prior to submitting you will have to start at the beginning of that particular questionnaire next time you log in. The same applies if you leave your computer dormant, it will automatically time you out and you will have to complete the survey again from question 1.

If you have any questions during this process please contact wizard@knightowl.com.au

Thank you for your participation.